Today is the deadline to sign up for #ObamaCare … nag, nag, nag!

The tiniest state in the nation has a brilliant idea to get those healthy "kids" to sign up for ObamaCare.

Nag them!

From HealthSourceRI: 

Your kids don’t want to get health insurance. They also don’t want to get nagged. Let’s find out which one they want less. Help us get your kids insured by nagging them about health insurance where they least expect it.

It's the Nag Toolkit from HealthSourceRI, Rhode Island's health insurance exchange. Use the handy tools to nag your kids on the social networks they use every day — SnapChat, OKCupid, Tinder, Twitter and Vine.

And if that's too hard to figure out, they'll do the work for you — just give them your kids' email addresses.

Everyone else, go to and sign up — today!

Need your health records? Click the blue button

There's an effort underway to make all of your online health records easier to find.

Blue Button Connector is a new beta site launched this week from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (yes, that's a mouthful). Suffice it to say, it's the federal government's attempt to make health records more accessible.

The site is teaming with insurers, hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, labs and others to create a central clearinghouse for your health records — a one-stop download destination.

It's voluntary, and so far some of the biggies have signed up — from Aetna, Blue Cross, Humana and United Healthcare on the insurance side to CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens on the pharmacy side. 

There are fewer hospitals and physicians involved. In Massachusetts, four providers are connected — Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Children's Hospital Boston, Harbor Health Services and Partners Healthcare — while there are none in neighboring Rhode Island.

The immunization registry is even scarcer — it is only available for residents of Indiana, Louisiana and Washington state.

But Blue Button Connector is a step in the right direction!

There isn't an app for this …

This ad for the Peace Corps grabbed me.

Technology can do a lot. Sometimes you need to put down the tech and just do. As in volunteering.

Check out the whole campaign. It's right on.

Website glitches are a reason to ditch ObamaCare? Really?

The recent website fiasco is a classic example where poorly planned implementation (in this case horrendously poor!) could sink an otherwise fundamentally sound idea.

We all suffer through tech glitches all the time. It's frustrating — even maddening — but we endure it as part of everyday life in a tech-enabled world. It does not mean we cavalierly jettison good ideas because a website gave us a 404 Error. 

When it comes to the problems, Paula Poundstone weighed in on CBS News Sunday Morning: 

Most of us agreed that we loved the idea of people with pre-existing health problems being able to receive coverage. It is simply not possible that technical challenges with the website could cause voters to turn off on that idea. 
Anybody who has ever used a computer knows that privilege goes hand-in-hand with frustration. Why would we give up on the affordable health care law because of that?
If we were ordering something from Amazon, we'd keep trying for months. … We're no strangers to struggling with websites. Why would that make us give up on a law that makes some insurance policies provide preventative medicine with no co-payments?

There is a lot to learn and dissect from the Affordable Care Act's ongoing implementation fumbles, but one lesson is imperative: Sweat the details. Always!

President Obama has something to share with you

The White House wants to share. Or more precisely, they'd like you to share.

Our executive branch recently launched White House Shareables, a new section on that makes it easy to share President Obama's ideas with your circle of friends.

This is a great concept for every organization or business: Aggregate all your key messages in one place and make them easily shareable via social media.

The White House's latest entry is "What Obamacare Means for You" featuring a "white board" video that explains the Affordable Care Act. The page also includes links to key information and promotes the hashtag #getcovered, to help make spreading the word a little easier (and a lot more trackable).

Topics cover all the usual suspects — the economy, education, immigration, energy and the environment and much more on health care. There's even a "grab bag" of stuff that doesn't fit nicely into a single category. There are videos, articles and infographics galore — indeed, a grab bag of shareable goodies.