Website glitches are a reason to ditch ObamaCare? Really?

The recent website fiasco is a classic example where poorly planned implementation (in this case horrendously poor!) could sink an otherwise fundamentally sound idea.

We all suffer through tech glitches all the time. It's frustrating — even maddening — but we endure it as part of everyday life in a tech-enabled world. It does not mean we cavalierly jettison good ideas because a website gave us a 404 Error. 

When it comes to the problems, Paula Poundstone weighed in on CBS News Sunday Morning: 

Most of us agreed that we loved the idea of people with pre-existing health problems being able to receive coverage. It is simply not possible that technical challenges with the website could cause voters to turn off on that idea. 
Anybody who has ever used a computer knows that privilege goes hand-in-hand with frustration. Why would we give up on the affordable health care law because of that?
If we were ordering something from Amazon, we'd keep trying for months. … We're no strangers to struggling with websites. Why would that make us give up on a law that makes some insurance policies provide preventative medicine with no co-payments?

There is a lot to learn and dissect from the Affordable Care Act's ongoing implementation fumbles, but one lesson is imperative: Sweat the details. Always!