Jim Rattray blends his expertise in journalism, marketing and public relations to develop strategic branding and communications programs.  

Jim started as a writer, reporter and editor for United Press International. Based in Boston, where he covered events across the Northeast that received world-wide exposure, he developed a keen "news sense" that has guided him in developing marketing, public relations, communications and strategic messaging for not-for-profit organizations and corporations. 

Along the way he added award-winning skills as a creative director and designer that have allowed him to provide style and sizzle to strategic messages, marketing and web campaigns and mobile app development. 

His strengths include:

  • Strategic brand marketing, PR and crisis communications counseling that drive results.
  • Engaging traditional and emerging technologies to push messages to new audiences. 
  • Award-winning creative direction for print, broadcast, Web and mobile. 
  • On-point executive messaging, communications and speechwriting.
  • Improving patient outcomes and satisfaction through patient engagement strategies.

Jim's expertise includes:

  • Strategic marketing.
  • Branding. 
  • Public relations.
  • External & internal communications. 
  • Media & news training for executives and spokespersons. 
  • Social media. 
  • Mobile apps. 
  • Web development. 
  • Creating institutional "voice" through strategic messaging. 
  • Patient engagement strategies for health care. 
  • Special events. 
  • Photography. 

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