I bought new sandals … and cleaned a beach!

Cause marketing rolls on. 

My new Tevas are awesome — and there was more awesomeness when I opened the box.

I learned I also did a little something to improve the environment.

The shoes fit and feel great. And now I have an even warmer feeling about the company, too. 

Health care systems, hospitals and physician groups can be the recipients of localized cause marketing by partnering with selected local merchants.

It already happens regularly with the "buy a star and support a charity" promotions in grocery and convenience stores and with promotions from community-minded companies like Dunkin' Donuts, which supports local blood banks. 

Go out and find your perfect health connection!


It's beach time. How's the water?

Beach time should be fun and worry free.

Except when you have to worry about water quality and beach closings.

The National Resources Defense Council has issued its latest report on water quality at U.S. beaches, Testing the Waters 2013: A Guide to Water Quality at Vacation Beaches. 

Our gorgeous Rhode Island beaches are ranked 14th in beach water quality out of 30 states (we all know "The Ocean State" can do better!). 

Check the guide before you hit your beach.

And don't forget to wear plenty of sunscreen!