108 + 225,001 = 1 cricket-crazy film

Here's a very cool and captivating crowd-sourced video from Nike that captures the worldwide craziness that is cricket.

Agency JWT invited 108 photographers to snap pre-determined shots on "playgrounds" in cricket-crazy locales around India. The result was a pool of 225,001 images, of which 1,440 images were used in the final piece.

Makes you maybe even want to go watch a test match.

Source: John Nack blog.


Crowdsouring sickness (with @sickweather)

Cough, common cold and sore throat are going around in Boston.

And I'm heading there today.

Thanks to the Sickweather app for iPhone, I can get a glimpse of what ailments are spreading through my area.

Just as Doppler radar scans the skies for indicators of bad weather, Sickweather scans social networks for indicators of illness, allowing you to check for the chance of sickness as easily as you can check for the chance of rain.

You can tweak preferences within Sickweather to notify you when certain illnesses are prevalent — from allergies and asthma to strep throat and whooping cough. As Sickweather says, "don't worry, be healthy."

So, for my trip to Boston today, I'll be packing the Purell!

What is your health care wish?

CNN just launched a new project, "The City," which asks people to share their wishes for making their cities more livable.

Using the hashtag #MyCityWish on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, people are sharing their hopes and dreams for where they live.

What about health care?

How about asking patients, their families and your community what their health care wishes might be? 

The result would be an incredible crowdsourcing experiment that could begin a fabulous dialogue and community collaboration to build a healthy future.

Source: CNN

The Irish are on to something

An enterprising young fundraiser in Ireland has hatched a novel idea to help small non-profits who need a bit of a lift.

It's called Charity Hack 2013 — a 12-hour design charrette of sorts that brings together a team of professional fundraisers to create campaigns to help neophyte non-profits.

Kevin Delaney, the self-proclaimed Hacker-in-Chief whose day job is coordinating Ireland's version of the Relay for Life, concocted the idea with the hopes of giving struggling non-profits a way to tap into some talent they otherwise never could have afforded. 

Delaney and his team have picked five Irish organizations that will benefit from kick-ass fundraising campaigns and are hoping to gather 25 fundraising pros to provide their expertise (they're almost there!).

The results? Well, we'll find out. They get together on August 10 in Dublin to work their magic.

This is an incredible example of how "crowdsourcing" and "kickstarting" can make communities richer and more connected.