Keeping RSS alive with @Feedly


Google Reader dies Monday. RSS doesn't.

My new go-to RSS reading and sync service is Feedly.  

I tried a number of services, but Feedly is winning (so far) on these points:

  • Very nice apps for iPad and iPhone (I hear for Android, too).
  • Clean and customizable web interface (Safari and Chrome). 
  • Easy touch and swipe navigation on native apps. 
  • Instant and accurate import of my Google Reader feeds. Tip: Use Google Takeout to export your feed so you have a backup (how-to here). 
  • Simple and intuitive way to add and manage feeds. 
  • My feeds are always in sync between my Mac, iPhone and iPad. 
  • And, coming soon, integration with my favorite apps (Reeder for Mac and iOS). 

For now, Feedly is free.


Visualize what's trending on Google

All Google's "hot searches" are now available in living color.

Google's trends page has a cool visualizer that sets the hot searches into motion — creating animated colored squares that live update as searches are entered.