Keeping RSS alive with @Feedly


Google Reader dies Monday. RSS doesn't.

My new go-to RSS reading and sync service is Feedly.  

I tried a number of services, but Feedly is winning (so far) on these points:

  • Very nice apps for iPad and iPhone (I hear for Android, too).
  • Clean and customizable web interface (Safari and Chrome). 
  • Easy touch and swipe navigation on native apps. 
  • Instant and accurate import of my Google Reader feeds. Tip: Use Google Takeout to export your feed so you have a backup (how-to here). 
  • Simple and intuitive way to add and manage feeds. 
  • My feeds are always in sync between my Mac, iPhone and iPad. 
  • And, coming soon, integration with my favorite apps (Reeder for Mac and iOS). 

For now, Feedly is free.