Health care under Glass

Rhode Island Hospital ER docs will soon have a new instrument: Google Glass.

Physicians at the Providence-based teaching hospital will use Google Glass for real-time consults with consenting patients who need a dermatology consultation. 

"We live in a world of instant gratification, and in many ways, we’re testing that mindset by using Google Glass to enhance telemedicine in the emergency department,” said principal investigator Paul Porter, MD, a physician in the emergency departments of Rhode Island, Hasbro Children’s and The Miriam hospitals. 

Using the video-enabled goggles, the attending ER physician can live stream video of the patient's skin to a consulting dermatologist, who will view the video in real time on a tablet.

The hospital is working with a third party to modify the stock Google Glass so it is HIPAA compliant.

Rhode Island Hospital is the first in the nation to study the efficacy of using Glass in the ER setting.