Your scale is ready to weigh you (and tweet you)

We are becoming more connected to our health [data] every day.

So much so that investors recently dropped another $30 million in venture funding into Withings, the connected health device maker, to help with development and sales.

Withings has some great devices — a scale that tracks your weight and BMI, a blood pressure cuff that clips into your iPhone and a new activity tracker to compete with the likes of FitBit, Jawbone UP (which I use) and Nike+ FuelBand. And rumors are that Apple may be working on a health and fitness-related wearable device.

Acccording to the website MobiHealthNews, the number of fitness app installs is expected to grow 60 percent in the next five years, from 156 million now to 248 million in 2017.

It's encouraging that so many people want to track their health stats — especially if it keeps us all moving toward a healthier tomorrow.