A patient-centered medical school (@NYULMC)

Yesterday was Day 1 at the NYU School of Medicine. Class, meet patients.

Joshua Phelps, first-year medical student at New York University. 

Joshua Phelps, first-year medical student at New York University. 

What an amazing way to start a medical education: Let the med students hear directly from the patients.

The students met four patients, each representing the four pillars of the medical education curriculum at New York University — metabolism and obesity, cancer biology, cardiovascular and microbial pathogenesis.

I know this because my stepson, Josh Phelps, is a first-year medical student.

"Today made me feel very much like I landed in the right place," Josh said. "This set the tone for the future of the semester and the program."

What a strong message NYU has sent to the 160 prospective physicians in the Class of 2017:

Your patients matter. Before anything else.

In fact, the oath each new student took last week during the White Coat Ceremony included this line:

My studies and the health of my patients will be my first consideration.

We spend a lot of time talking about patient-centered care and patient engagement. It is encouraging to learn that our medical schools are embracing this concept — on Day 1!

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