Crowdsource your next ad. @Lexus did.

You want your ads to excite your customers — those loyal and those you want to capture. And there's nothing more exciting than being part of the ad itself. 

Testimonials are still tried-and-true effective, but more companies and organizations are embracing crowdsourcing to share their message (think Doritos' Super Bowl spots).

The latest is Lexus, which used 200 people to create a stop-motion film made entirely from stitching together photos posted on Instagram.

Health care has also effectively used crowdsourcing as a marketing tool. Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center created their "Healthy is …" campaign that asked real people to complete the sentence and posted their answers online (as the official hospital of the Boston Red Sox, it helped that they could shoot some video at Fenway Park!).

Patient engagement begins before, during and after care is delivered. Patients are grateful for their care and crowdsourcing ads, videos or websites gives them another way to express their gratitude — and share it with their friends!

Source: Adrants