Survey says: Remind me, please!

Americans want more reminders about their health — and they think technology may be just what the doctor ordered.

2013-1104-Call Your Doctor.JPG

A recent survey by the Varolii Corporation showed that health messages would be among the most welcomed used of push technology, either text messages or emails.

Some key findings, as reported by MobiHealthNews:

  • 32 percent said proactive messaging could have helped them avoid a health care issue, like a missed appointment or a forgotten medication.
  • 69 percent welcomed a reminder about an upcoming appointment or vaccination.
  • 57 percent mentioned a notice to reorder or pick up a prescription.
  • 39 percent would be happy with a message reminding them to schedule a medical appointment.
  • 80 percent trust companies to know when and how much to contact them. And they most trust health care-related companies, including providers, pharmacists and even insurance providers.

Health care currently has a high trust factor. We should use it wisely!

Download the survey here.

Source: MobiHealthNews