6 "Super" (or at least pretty good) spots + 1 bonus

It was a super Super Bowl for Seattle Seahawks fans, but the pickings were quite slim in this year's ad derby, especially with most of the spots being released early.

Here are six spots I felt played pretty well (in no particular order).

Plus one that decided to "think different" (scroll to end).


Chrysler: "We will build your car."

This spot, with Bob Dylan, is a follow-up to previous work that featured Clint Eastwood, Eminem and the voice of the late Paul Harvey. It's promoting the 2015 Chrysler 200. The spot rambles on a bit long, but I like it because the message is straightforward — it's all about "made in America" and American pride. Dylan says: 

"So let Germany brew your beer.
Let Switzerland make your watch.
Let Asia assemble your phone.
We will build your car."

Produced by Global Hue.

Maserati: "Strike"

This is a pure, over-the-top cinematic experience to set up the introduction of Maserati's new Ghibli luxury sedan. The premise — other car makers are complacent and lumbering giants. Maserati is agile and fresh and will strike with its signature Italian power and precision. Roar the engines!

Produced by Wieden+Kennedy.


Coca-Cola: "It's Beautiful"

America is beautiful. So are its people. And both are beautifully celebrated by Coke.

Produced by Wieden+Kennedy.


Chevrolet: "Romance"

Predictable yes, but Chevy's ad for the Silverado HD pickup has a nice payoff. You know everyone (and every cow) will be satisfied at the end of this spot.

Produced by Leo Burnett.


Kia: "The Truth"

Kia desperately wants in on the luxury sedan market. To introduce its new Kia K900, it tapped Laurence Fishburne to reprise his Matrix role as the Zen master Morpheus to take a couple on the luxurious ride of their life — complete with an inspiring aria that turns streetlights into fireworks. The fun continues online with Fishburne walking you through the car's luxury features. 

Produced by David&Goliath. 

Jeep: "Restlessness"

Like Apple, Jeep sells a lifestyle — and this new ad for its Cherokee is overflowing with "get out there and live." It's perfect for Jeep.

Produced by The Richards Group.


And now for the bonus … 

Speaking of Apple, a tweet last month from legendary ad man Lee Clow implied that Apple may be airing a surprise Super Bowl spot (Apple's last Super Bowl spot was in 1984 with the iconic "1984" Macintosh ad).

There was no Apple on the Super Bowl. 

Instead, Apple turned to its own site and YouTube to air "1.24.14," an 88-second film shot entirely on iPhones in 10 countries on a single day, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Mac.