How it's done (queue up the video)

How did they do that?

We all want to know how something gets done. Video is a great way to bring people inside a world they will never experience firsthand.

Here are three examples, including one in health care where our patients could definitely benefit from understanding what we do — and why.

1. Olympic Luge.

Luge (and its even crazier cousin skeleton) is one of those sports that gets its shining moment every four years. What's it like to barrel down the Sochi Olympic luge course at 80 mph?


2. Formula 1 Pit Stop.

If you've ever changed a tire or your oil, you know how long and frustrating it can be. The Ferrari Formula 1 pit crew can do it — and a dozen other adjustments — in just 2 seconds.



3. Health Care Medical Laboratory.

We take blood and tissue samples from patients every day, but what happens to them? What are they looking for? This is a great video from Bowling Green State University in Ohio from Nick Corbin Productions.