Twitter as testimonial ad (proceed with caution)

The Coen Brothers' latest movie, Inside Llewyn Davis, is widely regarded as one of the year's best. It also delivered an interesting twist on movie advertising.

The movie is probably the first to use a single tweet in a full-page ad — in the New York Times!

The ad features an abbreviated quote from Times' film critic A.O. Scott.

"I'm gonna listen to the Llewyn Davis album again. Fare thee well, my honeys."

There has been some significant discussion about the ethics of this, especially since Scott did not authorize use of his tweet in ad. The Times' Public Editor's Journal blog has a nice breakdown of the situation.

All this gets me to wondering how hospitals and doctors can harness the great things their patients say about them — 140 characters at a time — across multiple mediums. 

But remember to always ask permission first!


Source: Adweek & New York Times