Thanks for joining @Watchup … now let's talk!

Every app is trying to master the consumer engagement game.

Take Watchup, a 2013 Knight Foundation News Challenge winner that builds you a customized video news channel for the iPad. It's short video news clips tailored to you and your schedule.

So I downloaded the app, registered using my Facebook account, selected some news subjects (world, ideas, tech) and the delivery time (mine is 7 p.m.).

2013-0701-Watchup email.png

And immediately got this email. Short, sweet, sincere.

The best lines (emphasis mine): 

My name is Adriano, I'm the co-founder of Watchup and no, I'm not a robot. I actually wanted to personally tell you how excited I am that you've signed up with our app.
Just reply to this email and I'd be delighted to have a personal conversation with you. Enjoy Watchup!

I love the offer — "a personal conversation with you." Whether Watchup can or will be able to act on your specific suggestion, the offer of a "personal conversation" will be enough to drive engagement.

Because now I'm engaged in the app and in a potential conversation. That's a +1 for Watchup.