Getting to yes, the honest way

Spin. As a marketer and communicator, it's a word I have always avoided. 

Positioning. Now that's something I can get behind.

A recent cartoon by David T. Jones for Yahoo! ("Advertising Means Never Having to Say 'No,'" October 25, 2013) got me thinking about how we as marketers answer what should be a simple question.

Image source:  AdLand on Yahoo!

Image source: AdLand on Yahoo!

It is all about the value proposition. In the cartoon, the buyer connects certain values to "organic" while the seller attributes similar values to "farm," "nature," "fresh," "real," "whole," "artisanal," "ethical" and "sun-kissed."

Same? Maybe for some. But not for those searching for organic.

Would the organic-seeker settle for farm fresh? Again, maybe. But only if it is honestly presented.

So position away, but always ensure your position is rooted in both the truth and the actual experience your patients and customers will have. Because that experience is your brand — and will be the ultimate barometer of whether your position is solid.