Are you surviving the pink invasion?

You know this already: October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and pink is everywhere.

In stores, restaurants, lapel pins and car magnets. In Pink Glove Dances by health care workers. Even on the football field.

The "pink movement" is one of the strongest and best recognized health-related causes in existence. Estimates are that in excess of $6 billion is committed to breast cancer research and awareness each year and some have criticized that big business is profiteering on the back of the disease.

Yes, pink sells.

But pink also saves. 

Come in for the savings and leave with a little education and awareness.

The tsunami of pink promotions keeps coming. My weekly email from BJ's Wholesale Club points me to their well-done and subtle pink site, which links to the Early Detection Plan from the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The Early Detection Plan uses an iPhone app or an online service to send you reminders to do self-exams and get mammograms, based on your age, health and family history.

You're seeing a lot of pink. Embrace it. 

Just don't forget about all the other great causes, for equally deserving research into equally devastating diseases, that don't have the power of pink behind them.